TV Host & Wildlife Expert.

Unchanged places changed me. (Still do change me.) The wilderness is the ultimate classroom—it inspires us to think outside our day-to-day human existence. My live talks draw my listeners into that classroom, lighting up dusty corners of our forgotten animal brains.

The wilderness effects every human, so my talks motivate a broad range of audiences, ranging from the Oprah recording studio, to Ted Talk attendees, to kids at school.

TV & Keynotes

TV Host

I’ve followed wildlife since I was five—meaning staring down rattlesnakes as a kid, getting lost in the wilderness in a blizzard as a teen, and trotting the globe as a National Geographic Filmmaker. Spending so much time deep in the wild, I’ve found that living instinctually teaches you almost everything you need to know about survival, purpose, beauty, and love.

Wildlife Expert

If we don’t see the wild…will we forget it entirely? As a tracker, wildlife expert, and filmmaker, I can’t forget the importance and power of the places and creatures we allow to simply be. Here, I cast the spotlight into the shadows where animals hide, telling a forgotten story that brings new urgency to saving our wild places.

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A voice from the wild can reawaken what makes us most human.