Let’s be honest: I’m probably nowhere near my desk right now. (Thank goodness Deny is.)

Ask Casey

Can you become an ambassador, patron or endorse my charity?

I wish I could. Unfortunately, I am at capacity between Grizzly Encounter, Montana Raptor Conservation and the Yellowstone Association.

Can I suggest a TV idea/future project?

You could, but I receive so many outstanding suggestions, there’s just no way I can get them all produced.

Where can I apply to intern/work for you?

Any positions/internships within will be advertised on or on Currently, we do not have any available positions within either company.

Can you answer some questions for my school/college/university?

As an educator, I wish I had time to personally get involved in your project. I hope I’ve given you enough information on this website to answer your questions.

How do I make a living like you do?

It’s so simple it almost sounds cliché, but here it is: work where you’re inspired. Find your dream job, even if someone else has it and isn’t giving it up any time soon. Contact that person, offer them your services, volunteer—do whatever you can do to get a foot in the door to that arena. Once you’re there, talk to whoever you can in that space—every perspective can help. Get educated, whether that means a degree or just getting your hands dirty in the field. Earn credentials, but focus on getting experience. Immerse yourself in the world you’re passionate about, and learn for yourself how that world works. You’ll start to see where your talents can bring value, and that’s where opportunity lies.

Inquire About Casey’s Availability

I love to be involved in all different types of projects and I can be available for special guest appearances for hosted shows (think Conan), or even host specials (think Nat Geo or BBC) just let me know what you have in mind.

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I’m most likely well out of cell service, but my team back in Emigrant, MT, awaits your note.

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